Student Posts

Dear Students, this is a place for you to share any personal narratives, anecdotes, research topics, opinion pieces or any other writing. Please note, these essays are visible to anyone on the web.

Before posting, just like in the classroom, ask yourself:

  1. How does this sound? Read it aloud once, if not twice.
  2. Is everything organized in the order you want it? Rearrange paragraphs and sentences if you need to.
  3. Do you have the transitions you need so the writing "flows like a river" instead of "choppy mud"?
  4. Are there different set of words you can use to describe the same emotion or thought?
  5. Who is your audience? A younger person? A teacher? Both? How does this change things or does it?
  6. Check for:
    1. homophones: their/there/they're; to/two/too; your/you're etc.
    2. capitalization of "i" to I etc.
    3. punctuation and
    4. fragments/run-ons.

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