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In 2013 the “Thinking Tree” began as an extended metaphor to help 5th and 6th grade students learn the power of their own thinking. Before this, Ms. Syed had only worked with middle and high school students.

The first post-it on the huge tree in the classroom was by a shy 5th grader who asked, “What does the Thinking Tree mean?” By the end of the year, the students, primarily English Language Learners in a rural setting in southern California, had not only asked some fantastic questions but their simple musings led to a whole new learning experience. This led to a variety of new teaching strategies…

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Enter The Thinking Tree

Teachers and parents, get access to an archive of the teaching strategies and techniques used by Ms. Syed.

If you’re a student between the ages of 10 and 15, you might enjoy connecting with other students from all over to share your thoughts about what you are reading and writing and other learning experiences.


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